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Renaissance Faire related links!
I hope you find these useful. In most cases I have dealt with the people affiliated with the links below - and have had a positive experience.

Friends & Acquaintances:
Ani Moore
Candy, Candy, Candy - Faboo wench we met in CA
Delinda - fellow wench, Rat Pucker Extraordinaire
Emerald Dragon
Faith - the Luscious Mango
Gareth - the MacDobhran ClanChief
Keltik - Local #42 Madam
Lillye - Fabulous, saucy wench from MD
Ren Geek - Link to Ren Faire photos
Sunnidae - Wonderful, sweet Sunnidae

Cafe Press Stores of Rennies - go forth and buy lots o'stuff!:
Faire Folk - merchandise based on a Renaissance Faire based novel - Mike Bonk's Faire Directory
Faith - Luscious Mango - Vicky, the Mead Wench
IBRSC - Rogues Guild
International Wench's Guild - IWG
Local IWG items - IWG logo with local # on front
IWG Local #42
Local #42's TeamWench - Local Wenches who want to save the Boobies!
Ren Radio
St. Errol's Guild - the Privateer Guild

Garb Making Resources & Help: - great source online for fabric varieties and bargains. Friendly service!
G Street Fabrics - great source for fabric in the DC vicinity. Definitely worth the drive.
Jo-Ann Fabrics
JoMars - Fabric store with locations in Philadelphia area

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff:

Clan McArgh
International Wenches Guild
IWG - MDRF Local #42
MDRF Withdrawl Syndrome - Check in to see if you are suffering from this dreaded illness.
Mudcat - Search for song lyrics
Ren Faire Purity Test
Ren Radio

Non-Faire Events (Renaissance Related)
MS Fantasy Ball - MS fundraising Fantasy Ball in Glen Burnie, MD
Privateer Feast - Breast Cancer fundraising in MD


Cast & Such
History Alive - Mary Ann Jung - Current MDRF character Pirate Queen Captain Jean Cabot

Comedy, etc.
Ded Bob
Emrys Fleet - Rat Catcher
Flaming Idiots
Freelancers - MDRF's Jousting Troupe
Hack & Slash
Johnny Fox
Puke & Snot
Shakespeare Skum
Sound & Fury
Swami Yomahmi
Teatro di Pecorino Romano - Cheesy Theatre & Stupina
The Tortuga Twins
Whip Flash

The Bard O'Neill
Brolly Whacker
Cast in Bronze - The Carillon - unique, beautiful & haunting!
The Corsairs
Darcy Nair
Empty Hats
In Our Cups
Minstrels of Mayhem (Ahem!) - our favorite Renaissance performers
MoMHeads - Fan Club for Minstrels of Mayhem (MoM)
The O'Danny Girls
Owain Phyfe & the New World Renaissance Band
Pirates Royale
The Rogues
Women of Whimsey

Resources & References:
AFR FAQ's - The FAQ's for the AFR NG (alt.faires.renaissance) - kindly hosted by Lara the Lacemaker
Renaissance Faire Directorie - Mike Bonk's Faire Directorie
Renaissance Information Page Another excellent resource
Renaissance Magazine - Lists Faires by state (inludes detail on each), great articles, classifieds, book/movie/music reviews. Well worth the subscription price.
SCRIBE - Excellent resource - THE place to go for Renaissance Faire information - primarily the faire schedule of events across the country and a place for Rennies to network!
Virtual Faire - A central location for locating almost anything related to Renaissance Faires - especially vendors!

Restaurants & Pubs:
An Poitin Stil - Timonium, MD
Castle Bay Irish Pub - Annapolis, MD
Galway Bay - Annapolis, MD
Kate's Irish Pub - Springfield, VA
Tir Na Nog - Raleigh, NC

Art of Fire - MDRF's glass blower
Dragon Stuff - Dragon Art
Earthenware - Garden accessories, bird baths etc.
Life Casting

Clothes, boots etc
Catskill Mountains - Awesome custom boots!
Chivalry Sports - Clothing, weapons, patterns, jewelry, etc.
Faire Pair Tights - Ginger covers your buttocks.
Half Moon - awesome cloaks
Medieval Moccasins - Irish shoes
Potomac Leather - Leather clothes & accessories

Feast Gear
EJH Leather - Fabulous leather mugs (like ours) and many other great leather items!
FellowShip Foundry - Awesome Pewter. You must fondle the pewter.
Mayhem Ltd. - this is where we got our beautiful pewter utensils
Pillaged Village - Feast gear - great quality, good service, reasonable prices

Fun Stuff
The Chiselers Art - fabulous carved weapons & jewelry
The Love Glove - It's correct name is Cat's matter, it is wonderful either way.
Lundegaard Armory - Faboo sharp pointies
The Wooden Flowers - beautiful, realistic roses made of wood!
Dragon Wings - gorgeous marionettes and wearable accessories.
See the photo below of the doll made in the likeness of my Scottish Fold Argyle.
Scottish Argyle Doll                 Argyle - our Scottish Fold

Arygle the doll                       Argyle the model - cat

The Brass Dragon - Brass jewelery, sculpture and more
Crafty Celts - Celtic jewelery, pennanulars etc.
Marty Magic - Jewelery
Pucker Pins - Jewelery

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