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Welcome to the page devoted to our favorite past time.
~ Renaissance Faires ~

I am AutumnCat MacDobhran of Gerlicher (the Welsh Cookie)

Wench #806 of the IWG - International Wenches Guild - Local #42
Current Rank - Madame Cum Laude
Ren Merc #277 - Revel Grove Battalion.
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I will be your guide through the shire this fine day.

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Faire Goers

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Gerry and I first started attending Renaissance Faires at the Maryland Renaissance Festival (MDRF) on a gorgeous fall day in October, 1997.

We vowed we would return the next year.
And we did! And it was good!
And so were were hooked!

Gerry was the first to purchase his set of garb. Finally, on what was to be our last visit in 1998, I purchased my garb. It didn't take too much begging & pleading on my part to convince Gerry that we just had to go back for closing day so we could both experience Faire the way it should be!

Nothing could compare to the final pub sing at the White Hart Tavern that last night... "Here's a health to the company..."

"Here's a health to the company and one to my lass.
Let us drink and be merry all out of one glass.
Let us drink and be merry, all grief to refrain.
For we may and might never all meet here again."

After 5 years, I still find myself brought to tears during the final pub sing. It truly is the best of times!

If you find you just can't wait until the 2011 season begins (like the rest of us), check out the MDRF Withdrawl Syndrome - See if you are suffering from this dreaded illness.

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The Faires below are listed in alphabetical order - except for our home faire of MDRF, which we listed first.

The Faires we have attended include:
MDRF - Crownsville, Maryland - Our home Faire
1997-Present: Find us there almost every weekend during the Festival's season.
Bristol - Kenosha, Wisconsin
CRF - Davidson, North Carolina
11/2001, 11/2005
GARF - Fairburn, GA
GLMF - Rock Creek, Ohio
NCRF - Raleigh, North Carolina
3/2000, 3/2001
NJRF - New Jersey
NYRF (Tux) - Tuxedo,NY
9/1999, 9/2000
ORF - Ontario, Canada (No longer in operation)
PARF - Mt. Hope, PA
10/1998, 8/1999, 8/2000
Pittsburgh Ren Faire - West Newton, PA
RPFS - San Bernardino, CA
Scarborough Faire - Waxahachie, TX
4/2001, 5/2008
Stockwood Faire - Kingston, NY (no longer in operation)
TNRF - Arrington, TN
TRF - Plantersville, TX
6/99, 5/02

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