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Name(s) : AutumnCat MacDobhran of Gerlicher
Home Faire : MDRF
Title(s) : Wife of Sunshine (aka Mr. MacPicnic)
Raspberry McArgh ;-)~
Bad Kitty #6: 1/9 of the Wenches of Darkness: Wicked Fluffy Kitty
Wench #806 (Guild Rank: Madam) - Local 42
RenMerc #277 ~Sidekick Shorty~
Official Ren Geek
Feilus Disneius Titania of Sarcastica. She who majors in partying pajamas
Owned & tolerated by five fuzzy felines.
One who is 2 past her limit
1/7 of the Six Cat Clan
Kingdomality - Benevolent Ruler
77.6% FaireFolk corrupt - RenRat
38% Pure
Quote : "The day will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals the way they now look upon the murder of men."
- Leonardo Da Vinci
My Internet Presence
E-Mail : ICQ : 46093951   
Personal : AutumnCat's Renaissance Page AIM : AutumnCat2003

Faires I Attend
Name State / Province City
MDRF MD Crownsville
PARF PA Mt. Hope

My Favourite Sites
Name Description
E-Bay Auction site - great place to find Renaissance related items
MDRF IWG Local #42 International Wenches Guild - MD Local #42
International Wenches Guild The Wenches Guild home page
Renaissance Mercenaries Guild The Ren Mercs home page

These Are Some Of The Skills That I'm Willing To Share / Help With
Photography Cats TBD

Personal Description Persona Description Notes
Real Name - Janice
I'm 38 & currently unemployed. Recently relocated to PA but MDRF will continue to be our home Faire!
Married Gerry October 13, 1990.
Currently have 5 cats.
IWG #806 - Local #42
RenMerc #277
Started attending faires in 1997.
My obsession with Renaissance Faires has gradually increased as the years have passed.

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